Collection: Keyboard Rugs

Every time you boot up your PC, you're confronted with just how gross people can be. You calmly sit down, type in your password, and there it is—the source of irritation: your trash can of keys, aka your keyboard. Undoubtedly, the most popular gathering spot for skin flakes, pet hairs, and yesterdays meals, collectively making your life a hassle.

BUT, we're not here to chat without offering a solution; these fantastic and unparalleled Keyboard Rugs! When you're not busy hurling insults online or dying during your umpteenth Zoom meeting, these beautifully handcrafted rugs shield your keyboard from all the household challenges. Besides guarding against dirt, they also provide comfort and/or warmth for your wrists, instantly making your desk way more attractive.

Now, you might be thinking: but won't your keyboard rug get dirty too? You bet! But it's a whole lot easier to clean 😄.