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Frick Off - Keyboard Rug

Frick Off - Keyboard Rug

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It's always darn annoying when everyone just barges into your special "you spot" and starts messing with your stuff. So, what's better than letting them know they better beat it with a gentle yet firm message?

🚯Protection against cat hair and crumbs. Your keyboard is a sanctuary, so that pricey piece of plastic must be safeguarded at all costs from unwanted visitors and harmful dust!

Robust comfort for those delicate wrists. This splendid, cozy keyboard rug performs these duties perfectly and also offers comfort during "rage typing" on the World Wide Web (or with colleagues).

🤐 Just between us. This product is handcrafted, insanely cool, and pieced together with blood, sweat, love, and tears, but it's not perfect. Still, it's absolutely top-quality and a guaranteed valuable addition to any desk! 😄🔒

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