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Title Fight - Keyboard Rug

Title Fight - Keyboard Rug

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Do you always sport such a Frown on your forehead when someone decides to enjoy a croissant over your keyboard, and you find yourself in that In-Between space, debating whether to commit murder or just grab the vacuum cleaner? No need to have so little Sympathy anymore and risk a community service sentence; we've got the solution for you!

🚯 Protection against cat hair and crumbs. This exquisite Floral Green - Title Fight Keyboard rug shields your keyboard from dirt, dust, and unwanted croissant crumbs! RIP's tip: place the rug next to your keyboard while typing to divert your cat from the real target.

Sturdy comfort for delicate wrists. Now, you can enjoy this album with peace of mind and even treat your wrists to some comfort while typing! You're welcome!

🤐 Just between us. This product is handmade, incredibly cool, and put together with blood, sweat, love, and tears, but it's not perfect. Nonetheless, it's absolutely of high quality and a guaranteed valuable addition to any desk! 😄👌
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