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Duolingo Owl - Keyboard Rug

Duolingo Owl - Keyboard Rug

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You know what happens when you miss your streak... ¡Spanish or Vanish, escúchame! The perfect gift for that person who does their daily speaking lessons just to keep their streak alive, or maybe for yourself; the perfect reminder to do your homework and keep the Duolingo owl content. It's also a guaranteed conversation starter in any language. Don't shoot the messenger!

🚯Protection against cat hair and crumbs. This incredibly passive-aggressive keyboard rug shields your keyboard from dust and dirt while you're practising Duolingo on the John.

✨Strong comfort for your delicate wrists. In addition to protection, this rug offers delightful softness to your wrists when you're going all out, and your keys are nearly catching fire from your hard work.

🤐Just between us. This product is handcrafted, unbelievably cool, and pieced together with blood, sweat, love, and tears, but it's not perfect. Still, it's absolutely of top-notch quality and a guaranteed valuable addition to any desk!

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