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Keyboard - Keyboard Rug

Keyboard - Keyboard Rug

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A keyboard as a keyboard rug—aren't we a riot? But kidding aside, we get it; not everyone games on a desktop, and our musical pals need some love and recognition too.

You can also try to make music with it, but we can't guarantee success. If you do pull it off, please let us know.

🚯Protection against cat hair and crumbs. This mind-blowing '70s-inspired keyboard rug shields your keyboard from dust and dirt when you're not vigorously typing or making music. It's reassuring to leave your keyboard looking stylish while you're in the living room vacuuming with your headphones on!

Robust comfort for those delicate wrists. Besides protection, this rug also offers deliciously soft comfort for your wrists when you're really jamming out, and your keys are on the verge of catching fire from all the hard work. It's also handy as a cat mat next to your keyboard; everyone's happy again. Dogs, budgies, and ferrets are welcome too; a fish might be a challenge.

🤐 Just between us. This product is handcrafted, insanely cool, and assembled with blood, sweat, love, and tears, but it's not perfect. Still, it's absolutely top-quality and a guaranteed valuable addition to any desk! 😄🎹
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