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Black Hearts Club - Wall Hanger

Black Hearts Club - Wall Hanger

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For Yungblud, one thing has always been a prominent message: building a tight-knit community where mutual respect and appreciation take center stage. We all feel unheard and misunderstood. To express our appreciation for this and create a tangible token for the community, we present this awesome Black Hearts Club wall hanger. For most, it's simply a cool wall decoration, but for those in the know, it's a symbol of belonging.


“The Black Hearts Club is about acceptance, loving unconditionally, and standing up for what is right, creating a safe space for all who may need it.”

The wall tapestry comes with two hangers, making it easy to mount on the wall. Just measure, drill, and the job is done! Of course, you can also use the tapestry for other purposes; it can also lean perfectly on its own.

🤐 Just between us squirrel friends. This product is handmade, incredibly cool, and put together with blood, sweat, love, and tears, but it's not perfect. Still, it's absolutely of high quality and a guaranteed valuable addition to any interior! 😄👌
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